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What is THE Key to Natural Beauty?

What is THE Key to Natural Beauty?

Thanks to technological advances, experts in dermatology have been able to observe the effect that diet has on our skin’s texture, appearance and health.

Recent dermatological studies confirm that the most influential factor in skincare does not only depend on the cosmetics that we apply (which, of course, can make a difference) but also rather significantly on our dietary habits.

So, what is it that researchers have discovered about dietary intake that makes the most profound impact on looking great?

You guessed it . . . . WATER!!!

Depending on whether you are female or male, our bodies are made of 60-70% water. Therefore, it’s logical that any lack of sufficient water intake can and will affect our appearance (and performance), among other things.

Drinking water is undoubtedly the easiest and most efficient way of preventing the signs of aging, maintaining smooth, soft skin and a healthy body glow.


Water helps to eliminate the toxins in our body that are processed and stored up daily through contact with pollutants, tobacco smoke, stress and other sources of free radical formation. Without dispute, free radicals are the principal cause of skin diseases and premature aging.

Consuming highly processed and other no-so-good-for-you foods, alcohol and other undesirable liquids, such as soda pop, caffeine, etc. can also have a detrimental effect and a propensity to age skin.

Oil is as vital to a car’s engine and as water is to our bodies. Water not only gives skin a more youthful appearance, but also helps eliminate elements which can cause the appearance of acne. Acne is formed by the accumulation of bacteria, oil, dead skin and dirt on the skin. Even for those with oily skin and problems with acne, water is needed to wash away both internal and external impurities.

Additionally, water helps vitamins and nutrients to easily flow throughout the body. In particular, it collaborates with all of the body’s organs to distribute vitamins E, C and B12, which help maintain the skin’s smooth and young appearance.


Opinions on this subject obviously vary. It’s often recommended that a person drink at least a liter and a half of water, although many dermatologists recommend increasing the dose to two or three daily liters. Some people clearly need more water! My own opinion is to drink, at a minimum, half your body weight in ounces. For example, a person weighing 120 lbs. should consume 60 ounces of water, at a minimum.  


All the time! Drink water consistently and throughout the day. Even at night, just before bed, throughout the evening (if you happen to wake), and first thing in the morning when you rise. It’s also very important to drink water to recuperate from lost fluid after exercising or sunbathing. Fluid loss is a problem that most do not address immediately. Replace lost fluids ASAP.

Lack of water has many consequences. It’s the one thing we cannot do without for very long. Your body beings to break down if not adequately hydrated. That why you see its effects so easily in people who do not consume enough water. Therefore, water is good not only for your health and wellbeing, it also imperative for healthy outward appearance and glow. It is the single most crucial and influential factor to maintaining youthful, glowing skin – hence natural beauty. They key is to drink water consistently!


While drinking water is imperative, cleansing facial skin or the body with water is also relevant to natural beauty. When washing, it’s best to use lukewarm water. Though we often prefer to bathe with hot water, doing so can easily dry out the skin. However, at adequate temperature, its cleansing power is enormous. It helps to hydrate, lubricate and revitalize skin, which we have already established is important for maintaining healthy outward appearance.


Drinking at least 8-10 ounces of water first thing in the morning will help reduce or eliminate a puffy or swollen face, as well as help to jump start elimination of toxins from the body. Toxins are one of your skin’s worst enemies and contribute directly to appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, skin problems, skin cancer, etc. Start your day hydrated!


If you’re not consuming enough water, try this challenge. We are confident you will actually see the difference that water can make in your life by drinking healthy amounts of water habitually for 30 days. You will undoubtedly notice a difference in your skin’s appearance and texture, as well as experience better overall health and wellbeing. You’ll truly feel more vibrant, as water is a primary key to your body’s energetic conductivity (but that’s another topic). The main point is that water is critical for all our bodily functions and organs, especially your skin! You might even take a before and after picture, just so you have a benchmark. I think you will be incredibly surprised and pleased with the outcome.


Just like anything “healthy”, you want to make sure the quality of the water you consume is high. Drink pure, filtered water. The more pure the water (free of contaminants), the healthier it will be for you, your body and skin. Sadly, the quality of most “tap” water is not healthy to consume and there are many undesirable contaminants that can be found in tap water. At a minimum, invest in a water filter (on the counter or under). Do some research for yourself and what suits your needs best. Just remember, your goal is to drink “clean” water - you deserve and need it. 

Who would have thought that water would end up being one of the most relevant and powerful beauty secrets in the new millennium? It truly is the fountain of youth. So, drink more water! It is one of the best pieces of advice we could ever offer to help you maintain your natural beauty and to have healthy, glowing skin!

Cheers to living Young Ever After!

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