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The Young Ever After Story

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Our passion for beauty, skincare and cosmetics is a journey that began almost 3 decades ago, serving as manufacturer for some of the top brands found on retail shelves and in online stores around the world. Over the years, we've made some of the most innovative skincare, beauty and cosmetic products found anywhere - including using 24K gold in top of the line products! We've pretty much done it all. 

One thing we've always wanted to do is manufacture our own skincare and beauty line for consumers looking for a more natural approach to beauty. Knowing we have so much to offer, we decided to bring to the world Young Ever After  - a Look, A Feel, A Lifestyle with conscious natural beauty in mind. 

Young Ever After is more than a skincare company; we're a family that cares about how you look and we want you to feel incredible about yourself by bringing to you the most innovative naturally plant-based products we can creatively formulate.

Our approach to beauty and skin care starts with nature’s finest botanicals. We believe your skin deserves to be enriched, nourished and beautified with the best nature can offer, that’s why we use only the finest natural, plant-based ingredients in our products, so you can enjoy beauty with confidence.

Never before has there been such a huge global demand for more naturally formulated skincare and cosmetic products. Keep in mind, your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it's our passion for bringing you the highest quality natural ingredients we can source the world over that drives us to continually formulate products you can feel good about using on your precious skin.

Whether you're looking for natural cosmetic products such as skin firming serum, moisturizer and lip therapy, or a rainbow of colors to accentuate your beauty, we're sure you'll find our masterfully formulated offerings, created with nature's finest ingredients, more than compatible with your beauty and skincare regimens. 

With decades of industry experience behind the birth of our Young Ever After brand, we're committed to helping you be your most beautiful or handsome, best-looking self. 

We invite you to put our products through your own personal test. And, we'd love to hear from you when you do. It's how we make our products better for you to enjoy, experience and share with others!

With blessings and gratitude, we're happy you found us! 

Cheers to being  . . . . . YOUNG Ever After!