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What Exactly is an Eye Serum?

What Exactly is an Eye Serum?

Eye serums are available in a variety of color schemes, claims, and marketing strategies. But what exactly is an eye serum, and how does it differ from an eye cream or gel? I'll answer all of those questions in this article, but first, let's look at what eye serums claim to do for the under-eye area.

Eye Serums claim to do the following for the area beneath the eyes:
* As an adjunct to an overall anti-aging skin care regimen
* Removes dark circles under the eyes.
* Reduce the visibility of wrinkles
* Reduce the depth of fine lines

Good eye serums contain the right ingredients, which usually begin with a base ingredient called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid treats the under-eye area immediately and provides an immediate effect, making the eyes look better.

So, what distinguishes this from an eye cream? What is the big difference, given that they both make similar claims? That's a fantastic question, and one that deserves more explanation. An eye serum and an eye cream are both technically the same thing. People in the skin care industry will argue that an eye serum and an eye cream have different viscosities. While this is true, they also affect the under-eye area.

They even perform the same function as an eye gel. Eye gels are more marketed to people who want an immediate effect, such as a quick lift or tightening of the desired space. In essence, eye serums and eye creams are just different names for the same product. They all work on the skin to achieve the same result.

So, how did all of this come about? How did an eye serum enter the picture when eye creams are so widely available and plentiful? In short, some very clever marketing minds took the word serum and simply pushed it out to the masses as a "high tech" word in the skin care field. There is a consensus that serum as a word sounds much better and has much more of a marketing appeal to people who are buying under eye products. This certainly is cutting edge marketing and the word serum DOES sound better than cream, if you really do sit down and think about it.

Think about this, from a marketers standpoint: if you were a marketer and owned a company that had a "cream" with all the factors you know, all the competition, would you really want to call it a cream? There are so many people out there that are fighting for the prized title of "best eye cream." However, there are many eye serums that can do the same thing. For this case, people are changing their wording to get "cute" with the words in an attempt to win awards and get more web traffic.

As a buyer, if you are looking for an anti aging product that works, the choices are simple: use an anti aging eye cream or serum and look for user-submitted reviews before buying.

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