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Exercise and Your Complexion

Exercise and Your Complexion

It’s true! Regular exercise nourishes the skin all over the body with fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen. At the same time, the increased blood flow and circulation that come with working out helps to draw toxins out of the body, improving the overall condition of all your vital organs, epidermis included.


Many people think that sweat can trigger acne flare-ups. In fact, sweating is great for congested skin! It promotes the flushing of impurities from the epidermal layer and cleans out the pores. Moreover, vigorous exercise actually helps to correct hormonal imbalances that can trigger blemishes, thus reducing the likelihood of outbreaks. How does it do this? Any physical routine that you enjoy whether it’s yoga, running, biking, spinning, pilates, boxing, etc. lessens the stress you encounter on a daily basis, helping to prevent stress-related acne.


Exercise may not be a miracle cure-all, and you may still experience breakouts from time to time, but your acne will almost certainly be less severe and should be a shorter duration.


Exercise is also wonderful for other skin conditions that may not have to do with acne at all. Are you worried about your skin losing its elasticity or becoming thinner and less resilient? This is a common problem for many of us as we age. As we grow older we start to lose collagen, making us look gaunt or tired. Physical activity can actually promote the growth of collagen in your skin cells, plumping up your facial skin and helping to make you look younger and more vibrant.


And if you’re worried about wrinkles, consider this . . . the relaxation that comes after a vigorous bout of exercise has the effect of making your muscles, facial muscles included, soften up. That means your lines will appear less pronounced, contributing to the more youthful look may be trying to cultivate.


A smaller waist, better muscle tone, softer skin, fewer blemishes and an overall younger and fresher look? Yep . . . There’s really not a good reason not to exercise on a regular basis! Just make sure to wash your face after sweating to avoid clogged pores!


Cheers to living young ever after!

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