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Dry Brushing for Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Dry Brushing for Beautiful, Healthy Skin
Real beauty comes from within. One of the best ways to achieve and maintain glowing skin is dry brushing. The skin is our largest organ and one of its functions is eliminating toxins from our body. It’s obvious to say we should pay special attention to it and spend time caring for it. Using loofahs or scrub gloves in the shower is fine for cleansing, but nothing invigorates, clarifies and smooths the skin quite like dry brushing. Use a soft, natural bristled brush with brisk, short motions on dry skin before showering to increase circulation and lymphatic flow, and to help slough off dead skin cells. Start at the feet and ankles and work your way up to the groin area, with special attention to the leg crease. This is where one of the main portals of the lymph system is located. Then work from the hands and wrist to the armpit where another main portal exists. Work your brush strokes inward and upward to the middle of your chest. Brush from buttocks, groin, low back and stomach upward, and brush neck, shoulders, and upper back and chest downward. All meet in the middle near the center of the body, level with your heart. This is where the main lymph portal allows the lymph to get “recycled” and, therefore, flushed through the circulatory system for elimination of toxins. Be gentle on the delicate skin of your face, using fingertips on the face and head to mimic downward brush stroking, including your neck. This feels fabulous and can be beneficial for puffiness of the face and neck area. There are a great amount of lymph nodes and pathways in the head, face and neck. Be sure to drink plenty of clean, purified water to help flush toxins and rehydrate after dry brushing your skin. Bonus - dry brushing also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can do this daily, taking less than 10 minutes for self-care. Pamper yourself, enjoy the process and lean into the pleasure of the sensation and the knowing you are taking the very best care of yourself.
Cheers to Young Ever After - Dr. Rose
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