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DIY Manicure at Home

DIY Manicure at Home

Whether you are female or male, hands are one of the first things people notice, this is why it is important to keep your nails looking fresh and presentable. Not everyone can afford to go to the nail salon every week, this is why I put together an article on how to do an affordable, at home manicure!

First, let's start with the tools you will need:

  • nail polish remover (if you use nail polish)
  • cotton balls/pads
  • warm water
  • cuticle plucker/pusher
  • nail cutter
  • nail files
  • nail buffer
  • clear coat (if you use nail polish)
  • nail polish (if you use it)

All of these items can be purchased just about anywhere, even the dollar store, so no need to worry about sourcing them at a whim!

Next, let’s talk about how to do this! Start off by removing nail polish, if it is currently on. Once your nails are free from paint/polish, you’ll want to soak your hands in warm water for at least 3 minutes; this softens your nails and cuticles and make them easier to cut and style. After soaking, grab the cuticle pusher and begin to gently push back that dead cuticle skin. Once this is complete, gently pluck away the dead skin with the cuticle plucker. Now you’re ready to cut, file and buff your nails. This part is pretty self-explanatory; just try not to cut or file your nails too short, or you will risk cutting the skin under your nails. At this point, your nails should look pretty clean!

There are nail files for nail edges and those for the tops of your nails. Use the appropriate file for the right job. If you want to smooth out and polish the tops of your nails, use a four-way file. I will sometimes give the tops of my nails a treatment when cutting and filing my nail edges.

Here’s how to use a 4-way (4-sided) file.

  1. Side One – File. Use this side to shape your nails. ...
  2. Side Two – Buff. Use this side to smooth out your nail and buff away any ridges or dips. ...
  3. Side Three – Polish. This is similar to the previous buffing step, but a little more vigorously. ...
  4. Side Four – Bring out the Shine.

If you’re filing your nail edges, start off with a more coarse file and work your way to a fine buff. Once you’ve got your nails filed. you can now polish (paint) them if desired. Start off with a clear base coat, then two coats of the color you want to go with, and then finish it off with one top coat. Allow each coat to dry before applying another.

And there you have it! Nail manicure made easy at home. Cheers to living Young Ever After!

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