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DIY (Do It Yourself) Skin Care - Part 1 - Cleansing Your Skin

DIY (Do It Yourself) Skin Care - Part 1 - Cleansing Your Skin

In a world of tight schedules, harmful pollution, chemically-laden products, high anxiety, and environmental toxin overload, it is nearly impossible for our skin not to feel and show the effects of it all! Thankfully, with a little commitment and self care, you can maintain your skin's natural beauty in the comfort of your own home!

Today we begin a 5-post series on “Do It Yourself Skincare” with some great tips and simple at-home methods to reduce stress, maintain your radiant skin, and decrease the signs of aging! YAY!!!

Cleansing Your Skin

The first step in caring for your skin is to properly cleanse it! Perspiration, grease, dust, stale make-up, dirt, and bacteria all collect on your skin and must be completely removed on a daily basis to maintain healthy, vibrant skin.

There are many different skin types; oily, dry, combination skin, sensitive, and prone to acne. Different cleansers do better with each individual skin type based on the pH and other varying factors. Be sure to use a cleanser best suited for your skin type so as to derive the most out of the cleanser. We also recommend you use a plant-based cleanser for purity, compatibility and free of toxic ingredients to to ensure your skin's health.  

Cleansing not only helps to clean the skin, it also open the pores and allows for the skin to best absorb the products you are going to apply. We recommend you use a plant-based cleanser. If you wear a good amount of make-up, you may want to first use a natural, yet effective makeup remover to get the majority of the make-up off your face prior to cleansing.

To properly cleanse, begin by thoroughly wetting the face with lukewarm water. Warm water helps to open the pores and allows them to be effectively cleaned of dirt, bacteria and other pollutants. Apply to your face and neck a cleanser that is best suited for your skin type. To maximize effectiveness, gently massage in a circular, upward motion for at least 3-5 minutes. Duration may vary, depending on the instructions provided with the cleanser you are using.

There are various effective ways to apply cleansers, including using your hands and fingers, a soft wash cloth, cleansing brush or sponge, or other suitable cleansing implement. You may already have a favorite, but if you have not yet experimented, we recommend you explore other methods that may be more effective and will work best for you.  

Remove cleanser by using a damp washcloth and warm water to ensure all of the residue is removed from the face. Finish by rinsing your face and with cold water, which helps to close pores, reduce redness and helps prep your skin for the rest of your skincare routine.

Join us tomorrow for Part 2 - Toning & Nourishing Your Skin 

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