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Acerola Cherries - Making Rave Waves in Vitamin C Serum

Acerola Cherries - Making Rave Waves in Vitamin C Serum

Acerola cherry (Malpighia emarginata DC.) also known as the Barbados or West Indian cherry, belongs to the Malpighiaceae family. This fruit is known to be one of the richest natural sources of ascorbic acid (Vit. C) in the world, reputed to be only comparable to Camu Camu.


While Acerola Cherries are known to offer myriad health benefits when consumed as a supplement, many don’t know they have incredible benefits for your skin! Indeed, this beautiful red berry is hyper-packed with vitamin C and does wonders, when applied topically, to aid with your skin’s health, vitality and youthful glow.


Exceedingly full of antioxidants and vitamin C, Acerola Cherry is fast becoming known in skin care realms for its ability to eliminate free radicals and promote younger-looking skin. And, because it has been shown to absorb better than traditional L-ascorbic acid sources like oranges/lemons, which is a derivative of what most Vitamin C serums use, Acerola Cherry is an obvious hands-down choice for any leading-edge skin care company looking to make a Vit C. serum.


Acerola Cherries have super-high vitamin C content (50-100 times more than oranges/lemons), giving your skin a huge boost in collagen production, which is a protein that helps keep your skin firm, elastic and invariably looking younger. Collagen is naturally produced in the human body, but its ability to do so reduces dramatically as we age. That’s why it’s important to supplement your skin with a Vitamin C serum!


Acerola Cherry has amazing brightening capability, helping to even skin tone, and slow the signs of aging. Known to help diminish aging, dark and sun spots, even more appealing for Vitamin C serum users are the copious nutrients and minerals found in acerola cherry that work together to hydrate skin and improve its ability to retain moisture for all skin types, thereby promoting beautiful, glowing skin. These are all huge contributing factors to retaining youthful looking skin. Acerola berries are also an astringent which, like witch hazel, can treat blemishes and promote skin elasticity. It’s great for those who have break-out issues, including acne, psoriasis, and eczema.


The take away here is that the amazingly high concentrations of antioxidants in Acerola Cherries, especially its flavonoids carotenoids phenolics, and anthocyanins, work exceedingly well in skin care to help neutralize free-radicals and contribute to your skin's overall health, quality and youthful appearance.


If you currently use or are considering using a Vitamin C serum, you might try one made with Acerola Cherry. With all the rave about this particular ingredient’s use in skincare, it’s sure to be better than your average run-of-the-mill ascorbic acid serum using traditional, synthetic or other naturally derived Vitamin C sources.


With regard to use, Vitamin C serum is typically applied once or twice per day. A good rule of thumb is to cleanse, tone, apply your vitamin C serum, then moisturize. Be sure to always apply skin care products with clean hands.


A final note on using Vitamin C serum. Make sure to check your product’s use-by or manufactured date. ALWAYS store Vitamin C serum in a cool, dark place and use it in a timely manner. It’s always best to use a vitamin C serum within 3-6 months after opening, as it is highly susceptible to oxidation. If the product has darkened or otherwise drastically changed color, the vitamin C has likely started to oxidize and, although the product might still be safe to use, it may no longer offer your skin optimal benefits. While many Vitamin C serums carry a “use within 6 months after opening” logo on their labels, it’s always best to consume Vitamin C serum within 30-60 days after opening the container, when it is freshest.


For more information on Acerloa Cherry as used in a Vit. C serum, check out Young Ever After’s Premium-C+ Skin Optimizing Serum.

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