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7 Ways Laughter is Good For You

7 Ways Laughter is Good For You
Laughter is an innate human reaction to humor. Babies and children come to it naturally. We should take their cue because laughter can benefit overall health and appearance. Research shows laughter is an outstanding immune system booster resulting in clear eyes, brighter skin, healthier hair, a far better ability to fight illness and reduces cancer cells. Laughter improves blood flow around the face, resulting in a fresh, radiant look.
A lack of humor and happiness can have a direct impact on skin. Hormones released during laughter, most importantly endorphins, produce collagen. We love collagen, as a lack of it makes us prone to signs of premature aging and wrinkles.
Laughter reduces levels of “stress hormones” (cortisol, epinephrine, adrenaline) in the body, while stimulating “feel good” hormones like endorphins. Studies show that even a “fake” laugh can elevate mood!
When working with my patients, I often use what I call “laugh yoga” to increase feel good states to boost the immune system and reduce pain. The stress of chronic pain can have devastating effects on skin and overall radiance, not to mention overall ability to live a full, happy life.
Here are 7 ways that laughter is good for you, besides being a beauty tip
1 - Strengthens the heart: it’s like cardio without a treadmill
2 - Wards off disease: it’s an antidote to illness
3 - Tones abs: forget crunches and find a comedy on Netflix!
4 - Boosts immunity: activates T-cells (or immune system cells) to help ward off germs, flus, and illness
5 - Decreases blood pressure: laughter has been linked to lowering risk of heart attack and stroke
6 - Banishes stress: a few moments of laughter will greatly reduce the level of stress hormones (i.e., cortisol) coursing your body
7 - Helps with depression: a 2011 Oxford U. study showed how laughter can improve overall outlook on life. Researchers monitored participants watching comedic sitcoms and live comedy, and found that laughing significantly eased emotional and physical discomfort and pain.
So laugh long, loud and often! Not only for healthy skin and that unmistakable radiance that happiness brings, but to keep healthy inside and out, and experience all the ways that laughter is good for you.
Cheers to Young Ever After - Dr. Rose Mulligan

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