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7 Healthy and Beautifying Benefits of Cold Showers

7 Healthy and Beautifying Benefits of Cold Showers

When I think of a relaxing shower, I definitely think of a hot shower. However, taking a cold shower everyday instead can have a surprising abundance of benefits for your physical and mental health, as well as your appearance. At least end your shower cold for about 2 minutes and you will reap the benefits.

Health and fitness guru Wim Hof has his own method of using cold immersions as a way to stay young, healthy and strong. His methods might be considered by some as unorthodox and a bit extreme, so I suggest a more moderate approach by decreasing water temperature slowly and increase the duration of time of immersion under a cold water shower as you become used to it. Here are 7 ways that cold showers improve your overall health and appearance.

1. Tightens Your Skin

One of the best beauty benefits of cold showers is that, when cold water hits your skin, it tightens up and make skin more firm. This can help you retain a smooth, youthful glow and allows your skin to appear less saggy. This also tightens pores and makes them appear smaller and possibly reduce dirt getting trapped, which can dull skin and cause blackheads and breakouts.

2. Speeds Up Your Metabolism

The low temperature of cold water showers jumpstarts your metabolism and speeds it up, so that your body can process food more quickly. So, if weight loss is your thing, turn down the heat on your morning shower. 

3. Increases Focus and Concentration

 Cold showers are known to increase your focus and concentration, and help you feel more alert throughout the day. You can become less dependent on stimulants to get you through the day, which can wreak havoc on adrenal glands and cause dehydration of your skin.

4. Prevents Hair Loss

Losing hair as you age is natural, but you can slow the process with your daily cold shower. Washing your hair in a cold shower can help prevent hair loss and may even promote hair growth. Plus, it makes your hair look shiny and lustrous as an added benefit.

5. Improves Blood Circulation

Not only is a cold shower fantastic for your overall health, it can bring more nutrients to your skin so you can have a beautiful glow all day. 

6. Strengthens Your Immune System

Taking a cold shower regularly stimulates the immune system and strengthens it to help you ward off common sicknesses and prevent you from contracting them as frequently. That is a great benefit in this day and age. Have you ever noticed how people with a strong immune system just seemingly glow from the inside?

7. Increases Your Energy

Stepping into a cold shower every morning can jumpstart your day and get you feeling like you are super human!

Taking a cold shower when you wake up will help you kick grogginess more quickly and allow you to feel increasingly energized and awake. Remember, we want to decrease that coffee and energy drink to start our day. Natural energy is always in demand.  

So, turn that hot water down and let the cold rain down benefits upon you, leaving you feeling great and looking fabulous.

Cheers to Cold Showers and living Young Ever After - Dr. Rose




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