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7 Great Benefits of Ice Facials

7 Great Benefits of Ice Facials

Ice Facials. Yep . . . . This is an actual thing. We have seen many times on movies that the hung over or tired actor has to plunged their face in a sink full of ice to get ready to be on the set. Well, I guess there was some benefit to all that drama after all. Enter stage left, The Ice Facial.

The main benefits of facial icing are:

  1. eliminate puffiness, especially around the eyes
  2. reduce oiliness
  3. ease acne
  4. soothe sunburn
  5. reduce swelling and inflammation, including rashes and insect bites
  6. reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles
  7. boost the skin's healthy glow

How to apply ice to your face

Advocates of ice facials suggest rolling four or five ice cubes in a soft cotton cloth. They then recommend using the covered ice cubes to gently massage your face with circular motions for a minute or two.

The circular massage can be performed a few times every day on your:

  • jawline
  • chin
  • lips
  • nose
  • cheeks
  • forehead

Why are ice facials so popular?

The popularity of facial skin icing is simple to explain. It is inexpensive, there is a lot about it on the internet and just about anyone can do it. 

I love my cold roller so I just as well might love ice. Im not sure if I will plunge my face in a sink full of water and cubes, although I do love the dramatic gesture, I will give this a try and I think I will be pleasantly surprised. After all, ice is used medicinally to reduce swelling and pain, so why not de-puff in the am with a cool tray of ice and see if this chilly tip does the trick.

Cheers to Ice Facials and Staying Young Ever After - Dr. Rose

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