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5 Tips for Face Washing

5 Tips for Face Washing

When it comes to washing your face, doing it right is important. Not only is it critical for maintaining healthy and vibrant looking skin, what you use to clean your face and the habits you pick up along the way (good or bad) can be the difference between having glowing, healthy skin and dermis that really needs a lot of help. Pick up good habits sooner, rather than later.  Here are 5 tips to help keep your face looking its best.

1. Always use the right products suited specifically to the face. A great guideline is to use a mild facial wash. Types of face washes can vary according to skin type but look for gentle, non-irritating formulations. Plant-based are best. There is a common misconception that the more lather the better the wash is at cleaning. High lathering usually comes from toxic ingredients like Sodium Laurel Sulfate, which is a carcinogen and should be avoided. Check all ingredients in your facial cleanser to make sure this ingredient is not included . Don’t forget to check your shampoos for this one too. Go for milder washes, preferably fragrance free, to avoid potential allergies as well.

2. Use the right temperature of water.  In attaining beautiful glowing skin, cleanse your face at least twice every day with COLD water. Avoid warn water, as it opens the pores, allowing dirt to enter into them. And don’t forget to drink at least eight glasses of water for keeping your skin smooth and radiant.

3. Never rub your face vigorously after washing. Mop or dab the face gently with a mild towel. Also, use oil free moisturizer for acne prone skin and creamy moisturizer for dry skin within 3 minutes after face washing.

4. Don’t use Face washes for removing makeup. Remove make up with remover or even a good moisturizer. Then wash it off with face wash. Some people like to follow a cleanser, toner, moisturizer routine. This doesn’t work for everyone, as some people can get an allergic rash to toners because they are alcohol based. Always try products behind ears for 48-72 hours to see if they suit and then start using.

5. Replacements like curd or milk do not actually work. Some people prefer not to use facial wash or use only homemade things as a replacement, like curd or milk. These are not very effective cleansers and can lead to blackheads or clogged pores. Soaps are also NOT a good choice, as they are not ph balanced. Mild face washes for your skin type remain the best choice. We recommend using plant based where at all possible. 

We hope these tips help you keep your face clean and looking beautiful, healthy and, most importantly, Young Ever After. 

Cheers - Dr. Rose

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