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5 Things To Do To Have Younger Looking Eyes

5 Things To Do To Have Younger Looking Eyes

One thing I notice as I get more mature and wise in my years is that my skin has become thinner and more delicate like fine parchment. I feel youthful and probably always will, since this is a mindset more than a number to me. There are many ways you can easily make the skin around your eyes look as young as you feel and I'm going to share a few of them with you. Let's call it “Self Love”, giving special attention to this delicate, yet very important skin around your eyes. As we age, this skin thins and keeping good care of it will help ensure you look Young Ever After. Here are 5 ways in which you can turn back the years to have younger looking eyes. 

Choose matte eyeshadow to make your eyelids look smooth. Avoid wearing heavy, shiny eyeshadows, as these can exaggerate the creases on your eyelids. Eyeshadow with sparkle may be fun for special events and play, but if you are looking to make your eyes appear more youthful, stick to the flat and matte makeup.  Look for sheer or matte eyeshadows that are designed for aging skin.

  • Pro tip - Light or browns, nudes, and greys are flattering options.
  • Pro tip - Avoid eyeshadows with metallic finishes, as these accentuate wrinkles.

Apply a touch of mascara to the outer lashes to help open up your eyes. Large, open eyes are a quick way to make your eyes look more youthful. Apply a lengthening and volumizing mascara to your top lashes. Start at the roots of your lashes and use the wand to coat the entire lashes. Avoid applying too much mascara on the bottom lashes. You want to uplift the eye and too much emphasis below the eye can make your eyes look droopy. If you don't notice much difference after the first coat, apply a second or third coat. Just remember to emphasize the outer lash to lift and open the eye. 

  • Pro tip - If your eyelashes aren't naturally curled, use an eyelash curler to give them shape before you apply mascara. I use one every time I put on mascara and even with no makeup this handy tool opens the eyes. 

Spread a yellow-based concealer under your eyes if you have dark circles. Choose concealer that is at least 2 shades lighter than your foundation. This helps to brighten eyes and gives the appearance of subtle lift. Look for concealer labelled as having yellow-tones. This will help it to look natural and warm. Spread a thin layer of the concealer over any areas that look discolored or dark. 

Pro tip - Ongoing use of our Max Revital-Eyes serum that amongst many benefits, diminishes dark circles, this technique may not be needed as much to completely conceal but to bring some highlight to the undereye that tends to sink in a bit as mature.

Eat less salt and more iron to prevent puffy eyes. Diet plays a major role in how healthy your skin looks. Excess salt intake and iron deficiency cause your body to retain fluids, which can make your skin look puffy. Cut out salty foods such as crisps, chips, and take-out, and consider adding more red meat to your diet, if you're not vegan. 

Pro tip - Choose to eat a balanced diet to help you look good. Great food choices will help to keep you looking young and feeling healthy. 

Place a cold metal spoon on your lower lids to reduce any puffiness. Leave a teaspoon in a cup of water with a couple of ice cubes for a few minutes to cool the spoon. Hold the back of the spoon against your lower lids for 3 minutes. The cold spoon will help to reduce the puffiness, making you look more youthful and awake.

  • Pro tip - If the spoon feels uncomfortably cold, remove it from your eyes and let it warm up for a minute before putting it back on your lids.
  • I love this method or a ball roller just after I apply Max Revital-Eyes Rapid Firming Eye Serum to help flush any extra fluid buildup. This is especially great if you looking for a solution to drooping eyelids or hooded lids. As our product dries it will hold that loose skin up even better. 

Remember, good skin care in good self care. You deserve the best to look your best. 

Cheers to younger looking eyes and staying Young Ever After - Dr. Rose

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